Jayhawks Women's Soccer vs. JCC Jaguars

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks women's soccer team (2-3, NJCAA Div. III) faced off against the Jaguars of Jamestown Community College (Cattaraugus Campus 0-1, NJCAA Div. III). The Jayhawks' offense scored starting with an unassisted goal from #21 Samantha Mann (Frewsburg), followed by an unassisted goal by #2 Chantel Perez (Ellicottville). The scoring continued with goals from #25 Noni Wheeler (Australia) assisted by Samantha Mann, Samantha Mann assisted by Noni Wheeler, unassisted goal by #3 Randi Greene (Falconer), and an unassisted goal by #1 Monica Kenney (Pine Valley) to take a 6-0 lead at the half. The Jayhawks' offense stayed hot in the 2nd half with goals by #4 Brittany Johnston (Cassadaga) assisted by Noni Wheeler, Noni Wheeler assisted by #12 Mikaela Swanson (Maple Grove), an unassisted goal by Samantha Mann, Noni Wheeler assisted by Samantha Mann, another unassisted goal by Samantha Mann, an unassisted goal by #22 Shawna Lowe (Portville), and the final goal was by Samantha Mann assisted by Monica Kenney. The Jayhawks' defense, led by goalie #19 Tiffinni Keyes (Randolph), preserved the shutout and gave the Jayhawks a 13-0 victory.

Win, 13-0